Wellington group who had a sort of angular approach to some of their music, Ska-like, but also had an appealing dark edge.
They released the impressive Fishing 7" EP on Ripper Records. This was followed by another couple of singles then a lacklustre album on Flying Nun.

The band's mainman was Guitarist / Singer John McLeary who wrote all the songs.
In their early stages the band featured the brilliant drumming skills of Caroline Easther. Caroline was later replaced and the band became more technical and less moody in their songs and delivery.

Live the band had an intensity about them, but there was something very Wellington about them that surfaced every once in a while. That quirky Ska thing perhaps.
The Biding Our Time track is from a live performance at the Gladstone recorded straight to 2 track.

"Biding Our Time" - Various Artists (song Parties And Parties)

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