Approximate time period - 1980 - 1983.
Early vehicle for notable Christchurch musicians Jay Clarkson, Paul Kean, and David Toland. The band were kind of like the Patti Smith Group of the Christchurch music scene, as British punk and post punk took hold. Their music featured time changes and complex chord progressions. Toland played a home-made all metal drum kit, apparently very heavy.
They played from 1980 to February 1982 in the various line-ups and played predominantly if not exclusively Christchurch gigs.

The bands line-up was originally:
Jay Clarkson - Vocals / bass (They Were Expendable)
Janine Saundercock (Guitar / Vocals),
David Toland on Drums (Springloader, Chicane, Future Stupid)
Nick Carter - Guitar

The band recorded and self released a 7" single - "Sit Down Stand Up / Colours" before Saundercock left the group.
Clarkson moved to playing Guitar and the band were joined by Paul Kean - Bass (Bats, Toy Love, Basketcases)

Nick Carter died from a brain tumour sustained after a number of falls incurred as a result of a strong drug habit.

The band self released another 7" single - "Birds Eye View", and posthumously an album through Flying Nun in glorious pulse-pounding mono.

"Accident Compilation" - Various Artists (song Monastic)

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