Approximate time period - 1981 - 1982.
Legendary Christchurch 3 piece playing dark guitar pop. The band featured the vocals and guitar of the now legendary Roy Montgomery who went on to further musical outings with The Shallows, Da Da Mah, Dissolve, and a successful career as a solo artist.
The bands line-up was:
Roy Montgomery - Vocals and Guitar
Ross Humphries - Bass (Bailter Space, Great Unwashed, Trillionaires)
Peter (Buck) Stapleton (Da Da Mah, Terminals).
The band were nicknamed Roy Division for their like of dark moody music a la Joy Division. Singer Roy worked in Christchurch's main record store EMI, and the shop was notoriously vandalised overnight with the words Roy Division spray painted across the shop front, apparently not the work of the band and greatly embarrassing Montgomery.
The band presented a pretty gloomy image live with the members dressing predominantly in black, Montgomery playing guitar in black gloves with the fingers cut off. For all that most of their songs are far from gloom laden, being mostly melodic riff based music.
The band have the distinction of having the first release on Flying Nun Records, a 7" single with black labels, and a matte black on gloss black cover, no track listings, no band name.
Another 7" followed, then an EP and later on a regroup and another recording.
Low Rider was taken from a live recording of one of only about 8 performances, this one at the Gladstone.

"Accident Compilation" - Various Artists (song Low Rider)

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