Approximate time period - 1983 - 1994.
Show piece group for the writing talents of local sound engineering guru Rex Visible (Real name Brett Taylor) Rex was an ex-Navy Mechanic before he devoted his time to Sound Engineering, rising to prominence as the Sound Engineer for the Androidss, then most of the pumping bands round town.
The band went through many and varied line-ups and sounds, the one represented on Failsafe's Accident Compilation featured Rex Visible - Guitar / Vocals, Frankie Steentjes - bass (Androidss), and occasionally Robert Key and David Toland on Drums.
Rex moved to Auckland and worked on the live sound of bands like the Headless Chickens, Bird Nest Roys and all the best sounding bands. A new Auckland line-up released an EP 'Watched The World' and an album or 2 through Flying Nun. The band never achieved the intensity of their early Christchurch performances.
The Accident Compilation track 'Glow' is taken from a live performance at the Gladstone.
Headless Chickens drummer Bevan Sweeney joined the group and took the band in a new rhythmic direction with samplers and triggers, and the bands later shows were reportedly quite good.

"Accident Compilation" - Various Artists (song Glow)

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