Nocturnal Projections were ahead of their time. We know that now, but very few knew that then. They featured the talented Jefferies brothers Peter and Graham who both went on to form This Kind Of Punishment, before launching separate careers, Graham in the Cake Kitchen and Peter very successfully as a solo artist.
Drummer - Gordon Rutherford went on to be a pretty good sound engineer before moving to London to work in the shopping channel.
This track "Words Fail Me" is taken from one of their spellbinding live performances and features the complete 9 and a bit minutes of power. The Jefferies brothers rerecorded the first part of this song for a This Kind Of Punishment EP.
Nocturnal Projections recorded a cassette-only release followed by a 7" single (Nerves End In Power Lines) then 2 12" EPs, the five track 'Another Year', and the 3 track 'Understanding Another Year in Darkness'.

"Biding Our Time" - Various Artists (song Words Fail Me)

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