Solo project for Christchurch musician Mitchell, who was previously a member of the group the Rue, who featured:
Singer / Guitarist - Nigel Mitchell
Singer / Guitarist - Craig Tomilinson
Bassist - Shane Ball (Kantuta - NZ Latin American group)
Drummer Julian (Camellias)
Later replaced by Scott Wilkinson (Ballon d'Essai)

The Rue had some pretty good songs notably Mitchell's composition "Listen". Rob Mayes worked with the Rue as their live sound engineer, the band splitting before they could record. While compiling the South Compilation Mitchell recorded the "Who Is Diane" track at Mayes home on 4 track. The title refers to a Rue song - "Dying Man", after a performance of said song an audience member was heard to ask "Who is Diane?"!
This track was said to be a favourite of Straw People co-founder Mark Tierney.
Mitchell moved to Wellington to take up teaching and recorded and self-released a collection of his solo work, unlike this track his other work has a more acoustic feel.
Mitchell is presently working on a new project 'Sofa'.

"South" - Various Artists (song Who Is Dianne)

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