Another bloody excellent band who couldn't keep their shit together enough to get what they excelled at on to the permanent record. The band featured a three piece line up consisting of Floyd - Vocals / Guitar / Second Bass, Clay Paviell - Bass, and a Drummer.
Mea Culpa did the dark rhythm tinged stuff to a tee, and had lots of really cool and inventive ideas going down.
The band made a good impression for awhile then lost their sense of direction, and eventually ended up embarrassing themselves with a shift into blues and soul tinged material. There best stuff was never recorded apart from the track "Do It Clean" included on the Biding Our Time compilation. The band recorded and self released a particularly flat cassette only EP before vanishing from music. Floyd worked in covers bands in nightclubs before leaving music altogether and working as a postie.

"Biding Our Time" - Various Artists (song Do It Clean)

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