Approximate time period - 1982 - 1987.
Art school group specialising in quirky satirical songs, stage sets and performance antics. They featured the drumming skills of the local press music correspondent Tony (Rupert) Green, along with percussionist Scott Wilkinson (Ballon d'Essai), various singers and dancers.

The bands full line-up was:
Laurens Van der Lingen - Vocals
Liz Thompson - Vocals
William Stewart - Guitar
Tony (Rupert) Green - Drums
Scott Wilkinson - Percussion
Cameron Chittock - Bass

Francis Slole later replaced Cameron, who was himself replaced by Matt Campbell. The tracks on the Failsafe recordings feature Matt Campbell on Bass. "Resurrection Now" was recorded live at the Gladstone from a Paul Kean live mix and "Kiss Me Hardy" was from their Night Shift recordings.

The band released one album featuring studio recordings, released via Bill Direen's label.

"Accident Compilation" - Various Artists (song Resurrection Now)

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