Better than the world will ever know, the Double Happys never captured their best moments for record, live they were brilliant. "I Never Want To See You Again", "Big Fat Elvis", and this track, "Beer Cans On The Ground" all indicating they were capable of great things. The band originally consisted of Shane Carter - Guitar / Vocal (ex-Bored Games, pre-Straightjacket Fits), Wayne Elsey - Guitar / Vocals, and Herbie Fuckface - the drum machine, who was later replaced by John Collie. I had many a brilliant night soaking up their cool melodies and cheeky wit.

The band was sadly ended when they were returning home from playing shows in the North Island. The band were playing silly buggers, drunk on a train, climbing out of it while it sped along. The train entered a tunnel and Elsey was hit throwing him from the train and killing him. He was reported decapitated in the accident, although this is unconfirmed. A sad end to a lovely and talented man.
Shane Carter went on to record "Randolf's Going Home" with Peter Jefferies, as a tribute to his band mate and friend. Later Carter and Collie continued making music in the highly successful Straitjacket Fits achieving national stardom, and an international deal which burnt the band out and left a huge financial debt and a bad taste in Carter's mouth. Carter has spent the last few years regaining his sanity and working on his project band Dimmer.

Double Happys released one 7" single and an EP. Neither capturing the bands live appeal. A posthumous album contained some of the better live moments.

"Biding Our Time" - Various Artists (song Beer Cans On The Ground)

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