The BatsApproximate time period - 1982 - still going.

Perennially successful Flying Nun outfit featuring Robert Scott - Vocals and Guitar (The Clean, Magickheads, Electric Blood) Kaye Woodward - guitar (Lyndon and the Liars, Shoulder) Paul Kean - Bass (Detroit Haemorrhoids, Basketcases, Toy Love, Playthings)
Malcolm Grant - Drums (The World, Bilders).

The band originated from Thanks To Lamas a band that featured Scott (bass), Kean (guitar), Donna Sheene (Belle Motions, Expendables) and Jane Walker (Toy Love) who was Kean's partner at the time. Walker played drums for Thanks To Lamas and reportedly like to play topless. Walker left Kean, the band and Christchurch for Wellington and later London and the band mutated into the Bats.

The band have released many great albums through Flying Nun and still continue to record and release for the label. They are also signed to Mammoth Records America.

Kean and Woodward are married with 2 children and live in Christchurch. Kean is the activities co-ordinater at the University of Canterbury, organising concerts and activities for the students. Woodward and Grant are both teachers, and Scott divides his time between his three successful music projects the Clean, The Bats, and the Magicheads.

'Get Fat' was a live favourite this version taken from a live recording at the Gladstone, the vocals stemming from a line Paul Kean had said in regard to people hassling him about his skinny physique- 'if you want to get a girl friend, then get fat'.

"Accident Compilation" - Various Artists (song Get Fat)
"South" - Various Artists (song Best Friend's Brain)      

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