Initially a solo project for Johnathon Ogilvie (YFC) the material that appears on the South Compilation was recorded by Ogilvie on 4 Track at Mayes Gilby Street house.
Ex-YFC drummer Micheal Daily also happened to be in Christchurch at the time and so Daily laid down drum tracks for these sessions as well..
Ogilvie, a bass player for YFC borrowed a cheap guitar from Expressway label man Bruce Russell and laid that down over the rhythm tracks.
Ogilvie returned to Australia and continued to work under the moniker Leadleg, a name he coined from his experience on a trip to China where, while sitting at an out door cafe a militant exploded a bomb at a near by table, injuring Ogilvie and partner. Ogilvie's legs were penetrated by hot lead shrapnel from the bomb.
Leadleg became more of a band project in Australia and recorded and self released and 12" EP Salt.

The line-up for this band was:
Ogilvie - Bass / Vocals
Daily - Drums / Programming
Alfred Solti - Trumpet / Samples / Piano
Micheal Jefferis - Guitar

Jefferis was later replaced by Peter Johnson.

A seven inch single followed, "Loaded In Total Darkness", which was packaged in a used 16mm film canister and contained the tracks "World Satellite" and "This Town".
The band then completed a second New Zealand tour on which the band recorded 9 songs with Failsafe.
The band returned to Australia and fell apart and the album was never released.
Ogilvie has continued to work with music as a music video director, making award-winning clips for the likes of the Headless Chickens.

Their album, "Payola", was recently released, with a collection of early EPs and singles to follow.

"South" - Various Artists (song Caboose)
  "Payola" album
  "Reloaded In Total Darkness" album (coming soon)      


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