Vehicle for ex Expendables Jay Clarkson. The band's line up went through some continuous changes toward the end of their career but was pretty solid up till the recording of their only album.

The band consisted of:
Jay Clarkson - Guitar / Vocal
Micheal Kime - Bass
Gary Sulivan - Drums (JPSE)
Greg Malcolm - Guitar

The band recorded a set of 4 track demos with Failsafe of which "Raise The Glass" (with Graeme Jefferies on lead guitar, he was pre-Greg Malcolm) was released on the South Compilation.
The band entered a national music contest (the Rheineck Rock Awards, previous winners Ardijah and The Headless Chickens) and won $40,000 toward recording and promoting an album, which they promptly over-spent, I think by the tune of $8,000. This was a remarkable amount of money by New Zealand standards, most records being brought in under $5,000 and many under $1,000.
The album was recorded at Airforce Studios and to finish the record and get the tapes released from the studio the band had to consent to the album being released on the studio's own label.
Kime had decided before the win to pursue a career in doublebass / jazz but stayed around long enough to record and do a few gigs. Gary had already moved to Auckland and was flat-tack with JPSE, who were about to make the first of 3 lengthy tours overseas.
Sullivan was initially replaced by Dave Deacon, and then later both Deacon and Kime were replaced by a new rhythm section featuring MarkHowe on bass (Triffids) who had not been seen live on stage significantly since the early Eighties, and Shane Bolingford (Dolphin, Pleasure Boys).
This line up performed a national tour before the band finally split, Clarkson keeping herself well away from mainstream recording after that.

Clarkson and Greg Malcolm performed as a duo several times, which both thoroughly enjoyed.

A lot of Clarkson compositions were fairly low key and subtle affairs, certainly not mainstream radio fodder. That said the band did have some startlingly good pop songs ,"The Artful Dodger" and "Memory Lane" being two shining examples.
Prior to recording their album the band recorded demos for the album, all of which were eventually re-recorded. The demos were remarkably good and cost just $200 to complete. These demos will soon be released, along with early recordings done for the Failsafe "South" compilation, on the "Spilt Milk" CD.

In '98 a 2nd solo album KINDLE (4-trk)was released through the Dunedin label Arclife. Pavement mag voted it one of their top 5 albums for that year.

Clarkson now resides in Dunedin where she tutors at Otago Uni's Contemporary Rock Course and continues to make her own music on a low key level. She will be recording a new clutch of songs shortly for release through Arclife.

"Spilt Milk" album
"Keepin' Secrets" - Various Artists (song Memory Lane)


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